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About launch

The launch of Strathmore University Foundation (SUF) heralds a new chapter in the history of Strathmore University in her pursuit of creating and sustaining lasting partnerships with impact. This is because the growth, development and impact journey of the University has been heralded by noble partnerships with hundreds of individuals and institutions from all over the world.  These partnerships have immensely contributed to Strathmore University vision which is ‘’To become the leading outcome driven entrepreneurial research University that translates her excellence into a major contribution to culture, economic well-being, and quality of life providing lasting solutions to problems of worldwide significance’’.

The university has molded highly qualified graduates and professionals who have entered into the job market and worked with professionalism, integrity, and excellence. The university has also contributed immensely to research and innovation in several sectors of the economy including IT, Finance, Energy and Commerce to name but a few. Our Community Outreach Program continues to touch many lives of disadvantaged communities.

The University Management and the SUF Board recognizes the important role friends and partners have played in the growth of the university. During this special occasion, current and potential partners will be recognized. The management will also share about the exciting opportunities available for collaboration with the University and the role to be played by SUF as a vehicle for partnership and resource mobilization.  Several guest speakers have been invited to give inspiring talks to guests.

For more information, call Harriet Muchai at 0703034290 or send an email to suf@strathmore.edu

Strathmore University Foundation